Referrals to Platinum Healthcare can be submitted using the following methods. Always make sure that we have both your and the referral(s) contact information. You may submit as many referrals as you desire.

Use the online referral form which can be filled out by you or the referral(s) below.

You can also just have your referral call us directly and have them mention that you referred them which we will then confirm with you immediately.

To be eligible for a referral bonus, the referred candidate must have never worked with Platinum Healthcare previously (not in Platinum Healthcare database) and must complete a minimum of a 13 week assignment with a minimum of 36 hours per week. In the event that a referral is submitted by more than one person, the first submitter will receive the bonus. Only one referral will be paid per placement at the end of the assignment.

Referral Bonus: Up to $500.00 per placement

Submit A Referral