Recruitment and Placement Process

Screening Test, Interview and Sign Up with Platinum Healthcare
Nurses with a valid nursing degree or diploma and State nursing license /registration can attend the screening test and interview at any of our offices. The screening test is based on nursing and the interview is to assess your English language proficiency. On successful completion of the test and interview, you sign up with Platinum Healthcare by signing its contract. You will receive Rs.1000 as a bonus on signing up.

CGFNS Registration, Training and the CGFNS exam.
After your signing up with us we would be preparing your CGFNS application and sending it along with the require exam fee to CGFNS. You would be starting the training for the CGFNS exam and this would go on till you are ready for the exam. On successful completion of the training, you sit for the CGFNS exam. The results come one in about 45 days and once you pass the CGFNS, we proceed with your visa application and other immigration formalities. You also receive a bonus of Rs.5000 for successfully passing the CGFNS exam.

Filing of I-140 (Green Card) petition and I-140 approval.
On your successful completion of the CGFNS exam and on receipt of all required documents and personal information, we prepare the necessary immigration forms for you and your family. Platinum Healthcare then files your I-140 (Green Card) at the USCIS. Your application is processed by the USCIS and this could take between 3-6 months. On completion of the processing, USCIS approves the I-140 petition and the file is then sent to NVC (National Visa Center) for the second stage of processing.

IELTS Registration, Training and IELTS exam.
During the course of the visa processing Platinum Healthcare would be providing you with the training for the IELTS exam. On completion of the IELTS training Platinum Healthcare sends in the application and the exam fee for the IELTS exam. IELTS has to be successfully completed with an overall band score of 6.5 and a speaking band score of 7 for obtaining the CGFNS certificate and the Visa Screen Certificate.

Visa Screen and C.E.S
While your file is under process at the NVC, Platinum Healthcare sends in the applications and the required fees to CGFNS for the Visa Screen and C.E.S (Credential Evaluation Service) certifications. CGFNS issues these reports only after thorough verification and evaluation of your academic records and your English scores. Visa Screen is required by visa issuing authorities (Embassy/ Consulate) for issuing you the visa and this is issued only if you have successfully completed the CGFNS and IELTS exams with the required scores. C.E.S report is issued by CGFNS after completing a thorough evaluation of all your credentials and is issued to the respective State Board of Nursing in the U.S where you would be applying to do the NCLEX exam. You will become eligible to do the NCLEX only after the Nursing Board receives and accepts the C.E.S report.

NCLEX Training and Exam
During the period when the processing at the NVC is in its final stages, Platinum Healthcare provides you with the training for NCLEX. You are required to attend the training at an Platinum Healthcare office and also practice on the online practice exams. Platinum Healthcare makes sure that you are well trained and fully prepared to pass the NCLEX before your departure to the Unites States.

Travel to the U.S
After NVC completes the processing of your file it is transferred to the respective U.S Embassy or Consulate in your region. During this time Platinum Healthcare would be presenting your resume to several client hospitals and the hospitals in turn would conduct telephonic interviews with you. On the successful completion of the interview, your placement would be confirmed in one of these hospitals. Platinum Healthcare places its nurses only at the best hospitals belonging to leading hospital corporations.

Platinum Healthcare arranges your travel to the U.S after your NCLEX dates are confirmed. Your family members (spouse & children) who have also received the visas can accompany you in your journey to the U.S. On arrival in the U.S, Platinum Healthcare executives would receive you at the airport and they would arrange your transportation to your housing facility.

Immigration Process

I-140 filing and approval from USCIS
On your successful completion of the CGFNS exam, Platinum Healthcare files the I-140 petition (immigrant visa petition) at the USCIS for you. USCIS after processing the file approves the I-140 application. This ends the first stage of your processing and the file moves to NVC for the second stage.

Processing at the NVC
After the approval USCIS sends the file to the NVC (National Visa Center). During this period of processing, NVC sends you the DS-3032 form which has to be duly signed by you and sent back to NVC. NVC then sends the request for the Visa fee for you and your family members. Once the fee is paid up and processed, NVC sends the request for the DS-230 forms of each family member. After the DS-230 forms are received and processed, NVC completes the processing of your case and transfers your file to the respective U.S Embassy or Consulate.

Embassy / Consulate Interview and Issuance of Visa
After the Embassy / Consulate receive your file, they request the Department of State for a Visa number to be allotted to you. Once you are allotted a Visa number, the Embassy / Consulate will send you the interview letter with an Interview date. You attend the visa interview on the specified date and if all the required documents are provided to them, you will be issued the Visa.