Travel RN - FAQs

What are the requirements to become a traveler with Platinum Healthcare?

To become an Platinum Healthcare RN Traveler you will need to be a graduate of an accredited college or university, hold an Active and Clear Registered Nurse License and be able to work in the United States.

How much experience do I need to become a RN Traveler?

You need at least 12 months of consecutive experience within the last 3 years.

Will traveling look good on my resume?

Traveling will look excellent on your resume. It shows dedication to the nursing profession, adaptability as well as flexibility in your nursing abilities. Your resume will be strengthened by your travel assignments as you will learn and experience more.

What should I look for in choosing a travel nursing company?

You should look for responsiveness and personal attention to details. The staffing agency must also be able to handle your application in utmost confidentiality. A good travel nursing agency must have the expertise, integrity and the best available resources for its healthcare staff.

How do I sign up with Platinum Healthcare?

 Just fill out our online application form, click “submit” and a Platinum Healthcare recruitment specialist will contact you right away.

Will I have flexibility in choosing my assignments?

Yes. You can be very specific about your preferences in terms of locations, schedule and other details of your assignment. You will be assigned a personal recruiter who will work with you from submission of your profile to placement at the facility.  This is simply customizing the assignment to be as close as possible to your requests. 

How long does it take before I start my first assignment?

Submission of the required documents of the nurse up to the hospital’s approval, it typically takes 1 week. Then another week to onboard and orient the healthcare staff. In general, it takes about 15 days from submission to placement of the staff.

How many hours do you guarantee?

Platinum Healthcare will guarantee at least 36 hours per week for your travel assignment.

Do I need a new license for each state I travel to?

Yes. Each state has different licensing requirements. In order to practice nursing in any state, you have to be licensed in that state. If you are licensed in a particular state and want to work or move to another state, you can apply for licensure. Having a license in any state gives you more leverage to get a license in another state. This is called “licensure by endorsement”. Nonetheless, you still need to go through extensive background check and submit documents as required by the state that you intend to have a license with.

There is also what we call “Nurse Licensure Compact” or NLC. To simplify this, one license=25 states. The NLC allows nurses to have one multi-state license with the ability to practice in both their home state and other compact states. A compact license will be very useful for travel nurses. For more details, please visit this website:

What are the lengths of the contract I sign?

Most contracts are 13 weeks, but can go longer or shorter based on the assignment and facility.

Do I have preference for what shifts?

Most of the time we will know what shifts are being offered and we will communicate to you accordingly so you can make a choice. However, variation of shifts happens frequently and it will be discussed with you before any information is sent to the hospital.

What will my pay rate be?

Your pay will vary on many factors including facility, location, and specialty.

Are continuing education hours offered?

Absolutely! We offer unlimited CEUs to all of our nurses.

Do you have a 401(k) program?

Our 401(k) starts from your first day on the job and can be accessed online.

How do I earn a bonus?

In some cases, as an RN traveler, hospitals offer completion and renewal bonuses which will be relayed to you by our recruitment specialist. Also, as a reminder, we offer Referral bonuses for every staff that you send to us who completes a travel assignment.  

Do you offer travel reimbursements?

Platinum Healthcare will either pay you to drive your car or book round trip airfare for you.

Do you have rental cars?

We can arrange for rental cars on our assignments if they are requested by the facility. Please note that all states require the driver to show a major Credit Card when picking up the car.

When do I get paid?

Platinum Healthcare employees get paid weekly.

May I receive health insurance for my family?

Platinum Healthcare offers health insurance coverage to its employees only. If you want additional coverage for your spouse or immediate family member, we can arrange this for you at an additional cost.

When are my timesheets due?

Timesheets are due every Tuesday the latest at 12:00 noon, Pacific Standard Time  

What type of accommodations do you have?

We offer FREE fully furnished shared apartments for our assignments with utilities included. You may also elect to take a housing stipend or upgrade to private accommodations for a surcharge.

What basic credentials do I need to prepare and submit to be considered for a Travel assignment?

For a start, we will require the following documentations: detailed Resume, RN license, BLS from the American Heart Association, 2 clinical references and other certificates required per your specialty such as PALS for an ER RN, ACLS for Telemetry and ICU nurses.  You may also include your Medical Records if available (Physical exam taken within the last 12 months, TB test and/or Chest XRay and Immunization records).

Do I have to take a drug screen?

You are required to take a drug screen prior to starting an assignment.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are more than welcome on travel assignments and we can help in finding pet-friendly accommodations. Pet deposits for housing will be your responsibility.